Docent Norum Roger and working group (WCEH 2024 Conference Planning Working Group)

12000 €

The 2024 World Congress of Environmental History at the University of Oulu

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The World Congress of Environmental History is the largest and most well-known conference in the field of environmental history and the environmental humanities. Held only twice every decade, it is attended by 500-600 humanists and social and natural scientists, e.g. historians, anthropologists, geographers and cultural studies scholars, from international universities and research institutes. Previously held in Brazil, Denmark and Portugal, the next congress will be hosted in 2024 by the University of Oulu. With the theme of “Transitions, Transformations and Transdisciplinarity: Histories beyond History”, the conference will draw attention to how we understand ideas about energy, waste and consumption, emphasizing both historical perspectives and solutions through collaborative research across disciplines. Following the changes in academic conferencing due to Covid-19, this conference will host a larger than usual set of participants, who will attend either in person in Oulu or online via hybrid technologies. A hybrid option is critical given the environmental challenges posed by rampant global travel. Developing innovative forms of conferencing is a bold initiative necessary to make an impact on how future academic discussions can be equitable, sustainable and transformative. We are seeking funding to a) invite three leading keynote speakers: Dipesh Chakrabarty, Donna Haraway and Sheila Jasanoff and b) arrange an affordable hybrid (online) conference option enabling those unable to travel to Oulu to still take an active part in the event. Environmental history and the environmental humanities in Finland have not received due attention on the global academic stage. Yet Finland's scholars have much to teach about sustainable transitions and addressing environmental crises and biodiversity loss. The conference is an excellent opportunity to shine a spotlight on Finnish environmental research and solutions that it is worth the inherent financial risks.