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My work is focussed on depression and self-harm. It reads these behaviours in ways that acknowledge some level of agency, strategic use, and resilience. In a wider sense it looks at how people are navigating a present that is defined by ongoing crisis. 1. Develop a performance for Frame’s ‘Rehearsing Hospitalities’ I have been asked by Jussi Koitela to take part in Frame’s public programme ‘Rehearsing Hospitalities’ in September. The theme is ‘accessibility’ which I approach via depression and self-harm. These behaviours resist easy interpretation by onlookers, and in so doing they insist on new terms of encounter and new modes of sense-making. I plan to make a participatory performance that uses video conferencing software and mobile phone apps. I will use this time to conceptualise the work, write a draft script, and test the use of the apps. 2. Write a follow-up to ‘Sigh-fi’ I was commissioned to write a text for the ‘Förfall’ issue of Kontur journal, published in 2018. ‘Sigh-fi’ is a speculative fiction in which a geophysical event causes the felt experience of depression to become visible and measurable. It was performed at Ateneum as part of UrbanApa festival curated by Sonya Lindfors. The story has major overlaps with the Coronavirus pandemic and the behavioural changes required of the public. I will write a follow-up chapter taking our current situation into account, record it and make it freely available online. 3. Rethink the collaboration ‘Mostly we don’t shatter’ I am at the start of an international collaboration with Andy Gracie (UK/ES). We share an interest in apocalypse preppers but we have different takes on what a crisis is, and what survival looks like. We got a Taike grant to do a series of exchange visits culminating in a show at Bioartsociety’s SOLU space, but this is now postponed. In the interim we will investigate ways to collaborate remotely and to discursively adapt our project to the pandemic as it is so close to our topic.