Koreografi Kemppainen Suvi

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Technologies of Romance in the Age of Isolation – Artistic Practice Without Audience

| Yksivuotinen

The title of my residency refers to an idea of romance as a a feeling of mystery and remoteness from everyday life, something that can lift you up, a potential. I have faced different gestures to see the potential of self isolation, from meditation guidelines ”if you can´t go outside, go inside” to learning a new skill. Two weeks ago handle @lilacisms tweeted a hereafter viral post: ”we’re like 2 weeks out from academics writing ”queering the quarantine: towards radical forms of queer isolation”. Whether they were fortunetelling or making fun of the continuous desire for art market to foster any phenomena into an object of desire, I am in a situation now, two weeks later where this question is a reality for me. How can I continue and address allyship, solidarity and care in my artistic practice alone in my one bedroom flat? This question is not passive or a surrender, but rather focused on the gaze of art marketing. During the residency I want to respectively read and go back to these following texts which are related to my topics of care, wellness-sickness binary, love and companionship: Sick Woman Theory, Hope In The Dark, All About Love, Love and Other Technologies, Significant Other, Matters of Care and Dreaming the Dark. During the three months residency I want to write three different essays reflecting my experiences in solitude. These essays will be act as a material source as well as independent chronicles for a future performance work on hope. The texts will be directed to different companionships, who are isolated in different countries and apartments and whom I miss terribly. I will deepen my artistic work on hope. Hope as not an utopia or expectation but a present condition and a commitment to act, a landscape, space and choreography. I will walk in the nature, meditate, read, dance and write. I wish to do digital readings for a group or a single person, where a selected text is read out loud.