MA, researcher, curator Kim Adel and working group (SWAMP: Art Material Swap and Waste Management Point)

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SWAMP: Art Material Swap and Waste Management Point

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The SWAMP project, led by Vera Kavaleuskaya and Adel Kim, is designed to support a circular economy system for the materials used in contemporary art in Helsinki by establishing a Materials Bank. This centralized hub will enable artists and institutions to donate, access, exchange, reuse, and repurpose discarded materials. The project's objectives include: - formation of the physical and online Material Bank for shared materials; - organization of an informational infrastructure around it; - conducting practical workshops on repurposing materials in art; - supporting artistic production that involves reused materials from the bank; - researching the potential of circular materials usage; - creating a guide on establishing similar initiatives in other localities. As a significant aspect of the project, the practice-based research aims to answer questions about the most effective methods for collecting and distributing materials, promoting the reuse and repurposing of materials among artists and institutions, and the potential impact of a Material Bank on institutional operations and artist well-being. The project aspires to bring about a particular shift in the field of art, making the reuse and repurposing of waste materials a standard and institutionalized practice. This shift is expected to contribute to the overall sustainability of the art field in Helsinki and beyond, reducing the environmental footprint of art production and supporting an eco-conscious attitude. The project also plans to collaborate with various partners, such as galleries, artist-run spaces, and universities. These partnerships will be crucial in sourcing materials for the Materials Bank and promoting the project within the art community.