S.sn (Indonesian Art Bachelor Degree) / Artist Lubys Ikbal and working group (EXE)

5100 €

Starry night to gloomy day

The combination of sound art, painting and lighting, inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Night", which is a reflection of the condition in a Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. This work will becomes multi-dimensional installation so it will be able to present the atmosphere of a particular city by referring to the "Starry Night" painting. The initial idea is "Starry night to smokey day" with Jakarta the capital of Indonesia, from the atmosphere of the city contained in Starry Night's paintings then reflected on the condition or atmosphere of Jakarta, from starry nights to morning and then to a smoky afternoon. The atmosphere of the city will be created from the sound and lights gradations so it can bring time travel from night to afternoon, between trips from the "starry night" side to the "smokey day" side. In this work, the city presented can be city from anywhere, with a different title series, and different atmosphere according to the particular city that will be presented.