Visual artist Kondylatou Dimitra

5000 €

Shallow Spring

Shallow spring (working title) is a research project that will investigate, through the moving image, the social, environmental, corporeal, and aesthetic aspects of thermal tourism. Thermal tourism, one of the first forms of tourism, has changed over the years, along with the perception of healing. Thermal baths, initially prescribed as a medical cure, are now perceived as part of the leisure and wellness culture. This change is aesthetically and administratively imprinted in the infrastructures built around thermal springs. This research will go through the environmental and social dimensions embedded in healing spa practices. It will do so by evenly scrutinizing thermal spas invaded by the tourism industry, as well as those that are in a state of limbo and decline. In these places, the project will seek and trace stories that connect politically and physically the body to nature, culture, and people.