Professori Luoto Miska and working group (BioGeoClimate Modelling Lab)

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Revealing the secrets of Finnish forest climates (FORCLIM)

Local climate conditions within boreal forests, referred to as "forest climate," constitutes a dynamic environment shaped by temperature, moisture, and seasonal variations in radiation. It plays a vital role in shaping important biogeophysical feedbacks such as carbon cycling and albedo, thus significantly contributing to global climate warming. Therefore, forest climates have profound implications for our understanding of the boreal environment, climate change, biodiversity, and sustainable future. However, the characteristics and dynamics of forest climates in the entire boreal zone of Finland have not been thoroughly studied before. The FORCLIM project, bridging climate, forest science, ecology, and geography, aims to unravel the secrets of boreal forest climates through a cross-disciplinary approach. The project produces new understanding on the variability, drivers, and dynamics forest climates which is crucial for grasping the functioning and resilience of boreal ecosystems. This knowledge will inform efforts to preserve boreal forests for future generations, promoting ecological and economic sustainability, and maintaining ecosystem services.