Artist Greie-Ripatti Antye

19400 €


Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Yksivuotinen

Recon is a military term for reconnaissance. I want to develop a new hybrid sound format that focuses on transparency of systemic oppression such as militarisation, arms trade, femicide, murder of journalists, violence on indigenous activism for extraction but also visions of overcoming it, highlighting actors of change. A hybrid format using open data sets (sonification), investigative journalism, interviews with activist, raw facts but also imagination, speculative fiction, field recordings and radical sound work with the aim to radically inspire short form listening. In times of attention economy, fake news and snippet information war, I am thinking of developing a compressed compelling sound format that inspires engagement, is precise, highly on point and artistically expressive. It is hard to describe, it has to be invented. As the late scifi writer Ursula Le Guin said: "... we will need artists and writers to remember freedom" I am trying to do that. The project intends to creatively 'sonify' and exhibit these often hidden, complicated, underlying processes and facts to a comprehensive narrative that is understandable through simple listening to inspire effective action.