Doctor of Social Sciences Polynczuk-Alenius Kinga

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Racism without others: Everyday mediations in Poland

Tieteellinen tutkimus / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

This postdoctoral project cross-fertilises communication studies, sociology, history and social geography to understand racism in Poland where the racialised others are physically absent but continuously present in everyday communication. It does so in two steps. Firstly, it develops an interdisciplinary theoretical perspective on ‘racism without others’ as an appropriation of racist discourses circulated in global media to the local socio-cultural and politico-historical particularities. Secondly, it applies this perspective to the Polish context via three studies on how global racist discourses are mediated by the nation’s liminality. The studies employ Foucauldian discourse analysis to see how racist discourses manufacture the racialised others and the racist subject position, and which socio-cultural and/or politico-historical repositories they mobilise. The first study probes how orientalist discourses are mediated in social media by Poland’s spatial liminality caused by its suspension between East and West as a post-socialist EU member state. The second study looks at how the discourse of threat associated with migration is mediated in national media by Poland’s temporal liminality that mobilises the interpretative frames developed in the interbellum. The third study scrutinises how the discourse of worthiness of the racialised others is mediated in the urban environment by moral liminality caused by the Polish nation’s position as both victim and culprit of racism.