Doctoral Student Ewoh Odoyi Ethel

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Public Policy Programmes and the Promotion of Female Entrepreneurship: The Case of Nigeria in Sub-Sahara-Africa

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The role of public policy in entrepreneurship development has been a key issue of debate for the last two decades, because an effective public policy on entrepreneurship will help in the promotion of economic activities as well as contribute to economic growth. Therefore, government and policy makers has always been seeking for modalities to enhance entrepreneurship through policy mechanism for the growth of entrepreneurship. Hence, women entrepreneurs across the world are among the groups of entrepreneurs that governments have targeted for most policy initiatives to develop entrepreneurship. In Sub-Sahara Africa women entrepreneurs are constraints by various factors such as, access to finance, poor education and trainings, gender discriminations and family responsibilities in the labour market. Thus, governments through public policy, have put in place measures, policies and programmes in supporting women and other group of entrepreneurs. However, little is known about the impact and effectiveness of these policy programmes and initiatives designed for entrepreneurs, especially women. Therefore, the main purpose of this research is to investigate the impact and effectiveness of entrepreneurship policy programmes and initiatives in Nigeria, Sub-Sahara Africa. This research proposal will adopt mixed methods research design, because mix method research design is suitable for both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to explore research topic.