Multidisciplinary Artist Fiatsi Va-Bene Elikem

7700 €

Prodigal Species and the Mother Earth: A-S-A-S-E-Y-A-A

I am glad to apply for the Saari Residence to explore the performative rituals and our relationship to nature, spirituality and the earth. How can we reimagine the future of our relationship to the earth and other beings within? What would it mean to reconcile with the mother of all nations (the earth) and allow ourselves to be embraced once again by her love? Are we not already facing the consequences of our actions and inactions against the earth and the universe? During my stay at Saari, I will research into the relationship of our body, soul and spirituality to the earth through a series of performative and interactive engagements with and within nature. Among the Ewes and Ashantis of Ghana, the Earth is referred to as mother, the womb and the origin of life. I would like to explore those relationships further outside of my indigenous land while looking into the earth as a global womb that brings forth its offspring in diversity and uniqueness. The research will lead into performative installations and experimental performances, workshops, interventions and participatory engagements with fellow artists, guests, researchers in residence and the Saari community. I have been contemplating over the last few years how we as humans can reconcile with nature, our environment, mother earth and ecology. As a performance artist who has actively used clay in rituals and as a grounding over a decade exploring the connection between my body and the earth, mortality, birth, death, and the violence that we face as marginalised groups, I believe our energy and survival depends on such encounters with nature and spirituality. I have been looking for an environment totally away from my own native home to research, connect and explore nature and earth as a meditation, reflection and Reconciliation. As I read about Saari Residence and its visions I believe it is one of the perfect places to embark on this journey and conversion.