MSc Nasiri Bahareh

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Potential cascading of wood from the built environment

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The use of wood in construction has been promoted due to the renewability, and carbon storage potential of wood and instability of supply of fossil resources. However, if wood resources (e.g. forests, wood products, second-life wood) were used irresponsibly, the increasing use of wood could hamper the supply of it from the forest to market. One way to tackle this issue, is to use wood in efficient and sustainable manner. Cascading of wood from buildings could contribute to it through prioritizing reuse and recycling of wood from buildings over energy recovery. It also contributes to climate change mitigation by storing carbon in wood building elements for long period of time. However, reuse and recycling of wood is not a common waste management practice at the moment. Many reasons range from outdated regulations to financial values hinder reuse and recycling of wood from buildings. Also, there is not a good understanding of wood that can be reused and recycled. That enables planning for an efficient and sustainable material recovery. My doctoral research under the title, ‘Potential cascading of wood from the built environment’ contributes to aforementioned research theme. The ultimate goal of my doctoral project is to determine the product mixes, time availability and condition of wood that could be recovered and reused from current buildings. I will develop my research under the circular economy and sustainable buildings research themes and create impacts to society and relevant industries.