Visual artist & researcher Sadatizarrini Sepideh and working group (Nomad Collective )

10510 €

Nomad Collective

We plan to create a bridge between Iran and Finland which benefits the both sides of the bridge artistically, environmentally and culturally. We have established our collaboration since last year by exchanging our knowledge. This year we held a live seminar on ecofeminism, women and earth and contemporary art and will continue with the artistic exchanges between Finland and Iran. This residency will provide us with a unique opportunity to collaborate and build together as well as to exchange strategies and practices. As part of our residency we will investigate the relationship between human and nature in Iran and in Finland and their diverse regions. In Iranian case the figures of women and water, specifically the Aruse-Ghanat (in English Bride of Ghanat, the Iranian well, where a woman is the protector of water) will be the center of our attention. We will seek possible links between Iran and Finland. During the residency, we work on ancient rituals related to nature in Finland and Iran. What are their meanings in today’s world? While investigating ceremonial, songs and anthropological meanings of them, we will write and establish discussions, also will perform at the Saari residency’s environment. Our residency will be around the process rather than outcome; however, our aim is to physically and mentally engage with each other and with the natural environment at the residency. We will combine visual arts, performance, poetry and music to establish our work.  Womanhood, nature, ecofeminism and environmental justice are at the core of our residency work. How can Global South and Global North connect and unite to create a meaningful change in their localities? We will focus on natural elements, particularly water, the ancient rituals related to these elements in Iran and in Finland; ceremonies and traditional celebrations, changes in nature (including diversity of seasons and four natural elements), semiotics, and symbolism through performing in nature.