Master of Fine Art Printmaking Roberts Lisa

10500 €

New Realities – Ways to Connect Using Ubiquitous Technologies

| Yksivuotinen

Since 1999 I have used technologies to help people connect through creativity over distance through personal, cultural and political boundaries. Mixing mobile phones, text messages, barcodes, Bluetooth, AR and VR, I have created new ways for art to be made and shared freely through creative participation. Working to find ways for small and global communities to come together is greater now than ever before. Today more than ever we need to help individuals do this as the current pandemic will create rifts between us physically as well as socially. XR technologies such as VR and AR, coupled with powerful mapping tools such as Google Earth and OpenData offer even greater possibilities for democratic expression. I want to spend 3 months dedicated to exploring and unlocking the potential of new technologies so myself and other artists can use them in new ways to create new products and exhibition. I will create a series of works without dialogue to demonstrate the new potential and increase it's shareability. Everything I discover will be documented and shared.