kuvataiteilija Grönlund Tommi and working group (Museum of Sound)

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During the last years we have worked on how we can facilitate and look after the heritage of Mika Vainio's legacy and work. Through this process we have gathered reflections and experiences of how sound art can be displayed, the relevance towards other practice and its part of art and music context. We think it's time to show dedicated funding and attention to the area of sound art and in the light of the exhibition Mika Vainio 50 Hz and follow up on the research and initiative from this exhibition. There were several findings and thematic that was not included, that could be furthered explored. We find it relevant to see how sound can be used as a materiality in itself and that this is an area to be showed more attention and research. Music and sound within art practises is something that would be highlighted, especially to look at how this create other types of connections and juxtapositions that is specific through this form. The main aim is to pay more attention to sound, that sound is all around us, also silence is a sound, and that we should listen to sound instead of just hear sound. The project aim to stage sound events were the following topics are explored: How to install sound art? Create platforms were venues are sourced for sound installations or the sites are sources for sounds in themselves. Sound can create other types of emotional response or reaction that other media or art forms. The approach would be create a warehouse event were sound installations are mounted. A succession of events will be attached such as talks and discussions were the themes around sound art are followed up upon, with key researchers, artist and curators. Another important aspect is the audience participation and reaching towards another combination of audience appeal, which differs from the usual museum and gallery audience. The relevance of club culture, electronic music and sound art will be explored through the events.