Musiikin kandidaatti Kettunen Tuomas and working group

3700 €

Music of decolonization

In this project we aim to interview people from all over the world asking the question, what does decolonization mean to you? This project will illuminate the ways in which individuals defy social constructs, defy colonial powers, and defy oppressive regimes. These are all forms of de-colonization, especially of the mind. We are fascinated by the idea of individualism and artistic expression as a rebellion and victory against systematic oppression. We plan to look at Greek, and Finnish culture as personal starting points, in addition to interviewing people who are refugees in the U.S. as well as Finland, and people who consider themselves gender non-binary, transgender, and feminists. Aim is to have 35-45 minutes of music (divided in sections/movements/pieces) both in recorded format and versions for live performance. We will come to the residency with our raw materials already collected. Theodosia will conduct interviews in the U.S., and Tuomas will conduct interviews in Finland, and we will work together to create music at the residency. We will finish the composition process in a collaborative manner and record the acoustic instruments, as well as develop the electronic material. We will record the album in Helsinki after the residency, with all of the compositions we have created during our stay at residency.