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Artist/researcher Kucia Karolina

160000 €

Monstrous Agencies – Resisting precarisation in the arts through organisation of cooperation and authorship

Tieteellinen tutkimus ja taiteellinen työ / niihin pohjautuva työ | Kolmivuotinen

What we live in Europe, seems monstrous, incomprehensible, deceptive, like a horror, where one cannot define a body of crisis from another. Are though immediate practical solutions, or performative arrangements that can have political and societal effects, impossible? This is a question I ask through the means of artistic research and applied contemporary political theory. When precarisation of labour/life and self-entrepreneurship parasitically divides and rules beings into parallel universes, how can we organise art production and ourselves as artists to stand to the political and economic changes in labour structures and form of society? My research proceeds in developing organisational tools and settings, for the methodology of cooperation and alternative model for authorship. My proposal consists of a three-part device: Monstrous, Parasitic and Glitch - concepts, practices and tools. Monstrous (ethics and authorship) is for understanding collective mutability within the patched working structures, for the organisations based on multiple and mutable memberships and for resistance as an assemblage of ambivalent and inappropriate/d bodies. Parasitic is for recognising the interdependency and disrupting the patterns of power structures. Parasitic claims a different kind of common, unpurified but already cohabited. It concerns human and non-human agencies. Glitch is for resisting the formation of self-representation in individual and collective productive entities.