Visual artist Lagarde Stéphanie

16800 €

Minimal sway while starting my way up

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Yksivuotinen

The video will deal with the vertical occupation or territories, from extreme depths to extreme heights. The work is based on an extensive research on vertical colonization of the world and Space, and aims to imagine a parallel drawn between deep mining extraction and megatall architecture, through the vehicle of the elevator. The elevator is indeed at the heart of this vertical conquest and is consequently an important subject of today's high-technological research and innovation. Based on a current and future collaboration with the company KONE in Lohja, Finland, the video will tell the story of an elevator in conversation with its assigned Cloud, through an artificial intelligent system and language already created by KONE. The Elevator would be conversing with the Cloud, sometimes for technical purposes, sometimes getting deeper into his own thoughts, having metaphysical questions about its role in the world, his doubts for the future, the colonisation of up with megatall towers, and down the earth with deep mines, fearing the acceleration of consumerism of our resources, observing the floors where it stops (a hotel, a mine, an apartment, an office…). The Cloud would be the voice of reason and rationality, trying to keep the elevator in control.