Artist Ilchuk Nataliya

5000 €


Marché is a project that explores the behaviour model of agents in the economic sector in Ukraine based on the accumulated collective intelligence of the past decades. It is a video installation constructed using a personal archive of people working in Ukraine: from the farmers selling their goods on the streets to the construction builders and newspapers distributors. The audio is taken from the recordings of Michel Foucault lectures at Collège de France in 1978-1979 that he conducted under the title Birth of Biopolitics. One of his thoughts is that it is impossible to impose the rules of market economy by force and the business system should find its own way of development, according to the circumstances of each given place, following the mentality of customers and intuition of sellers. The only obligation of the government is not to interfere and to let everyone benefit, since in the end it’s advantageous both for the state and citizens. The indicator of the economy on a right track is the stability of prices and the affordability of basic products for the poor.