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Learning With Ticks

Tieteellinen tutkimus ja taiteellinen työ / niihin pohjautuva työ | Ponnistusapuraha

Our project focuses on ticks, the biological invertebrate organism which increasingly is our unavoidable companion in this era of climate change. Using artistic research & practice, with an emphasis on art, science and technology, this project proposes to address the tick as a critical other within the emerging ecologies exacerbated by climate change. How might we reconceive the human/tick relationship, with all the inherent dangers for human health with its increasing capacity as a disease vector? In what ways might we think ecologically about this deeply uncharismatic organism and the futures it holds for us, and we for it? We intend to gain insights into the lifespan of this small creature and its role in changing complex ecosystems, which include, with increasing occurrence humans. We are addressing the theme of ‘Our Vital Neighbors’ by widening up the perception of ticks to a more ambivalent status, that of neighbor species. Within the global context of climate change, to identify approaches that are of the local and the proximal notion of neighbourliness, by paying critical attention to the evolving relationships we have with nonhuman others, in this case - ticks.