Kaaos Company / DanceAbility Finland

206000 €

Kaaos Company Artistic Work 2021–2022: Destabilising normalcy in dance and performance

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Kaaos Company juxtaposes normativity by placing varieties of body on stage and in performance contexts. This action supports deconstruction and reorientation to the 'as is' nature of the body. Indirectly this questions equality and discrimination by the fact it exists. These principles are explored during 2021–22 with Principia: a dance and circus durational performance work investigating equality and agency through the gravitational field. This is a collaboration with Kati Raatikainen (choreographer) Jenny Mansikkasalo (circus) Roy Boswell (sound) Aino Koski (set) Ada Halonen (light) Piia Rinne (costume) and Kaaos Company (Noora Västinen, Georgie Goater, Sally Davison, Kadar Khristan). Principia will premiere at X Dance Festival 2022. The second work Swan song is a collaboration between Liisa Pentti, Maija Mustonen, Georgie Goater (mentors), Riku Pekka Kellokoski (sound), Irene Lehtonen (light), and Sally Davison, Gunilla Sjovall (performers). SWAN SONG circumnavigates the relational space from the performers combined 131 years of flesh. The space informed by disability, age, life on the margins, and thirteen years of working together to include all bodies in dance. SWAN SONG premiers at X Dance Festival 2021. The working plan also covers a residency (PRINCIPIA), touring (SWAN SONG), rehearsal, and performance fees for artists who perform improviation gigs for Kaaos Company 2021–22 (4 performers), producer, artistic direction, of KC and XDF, performance fees for 30 artists in X Dance Festival 2022, (an inclusive dance festival dedicated to displacing and disrupting perception in dance). This application supports about 50 artists to investigate creativity and expression through bodily investigations in occupying otherness. Kaaos Company's work is an act of accountability for our communal heritage in reinstating physical and mental variety as an artistic, cultural, and social imperative in refining perception and new trajectories in artistic work.