DLA Kudász Gábor Arion

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Indian Summer (this was the title of the first chapter made in 2012)

Zsigmond has special educational needs. He is a funny and intelligent boy, who speaks an invented language we hardly understand. He is my youngest son. In 2012, I spent a month in Finland with my older son. We invented a game somewhat similar to Chinese whispers, which was a combination of drawings, texts, photographs and a few objects. The game was played in a way that one had to describe an experience he had in drawing, then that drawing became the inspiration for a photograph, which inspired a story, that was recorded in a drawing, and so on. In collaboration with Zsigmond, during our time at Saari Residence we will further develop this game into a method of communication, a supplement to therapy, and ultimately an artist book that could give hope and simple solutions to families, just like ours, who fear the difficulties of being special and who desire to be just normal.