Artist Legallienne Joshua

6420 €


For the Saari residency I would like to adopt the theme of 'immateriality' to explore sustainable and unconventional methods of sound production using air as the primary medium. The outcome will be a series of new works: three-dimensional sculptures that produce un-amplified acoustic sound through kinetic movement and material interaction, in a simplistic yet captivating manner. In line with my previous work, these artworks will create high fidelity sound through low-technological means (without using electronics, loudspeakers or mechanical elements). As well as developing works in the studio, I will produce site-specific and site-responsive artworks that utilise the natural variations in air pressure to forge a dialogue with the sonic environment of Mynämäki. For almost a decade I have dedicated my artistic practice to creating work that explores simplistic ways of producing sound with as few constituents as possible. On a fundamental level, sound can be considered as the perception of air pressure variations. This collection of works will examine the core processes of sound creation and perception within this context. This project will deeply explore the relationships between the audible and inaudible; visible and invisible; material and immaterial. Thematically, the project aims to outline how air (and gases in general) can be utilised in the creation and perception of sound. Air is the primary medium in which sound travels, but what other roles can it play in perception? Air can be experienced directly as audible phenomena but it can also be used to excite other materials, producing sound indirectly. In addition, gases can be utilised to modulate or modify existing sound waves; and also as apparatus for distributing sound sources in a spatial field. I will dedicate time during this residency to deeply consider the theoretical and philosophical framework surrounding these ideas, formulating an extended text on the topic.