visual artist, poet Mohamed Khorshid Muhannad

45000 €

Illustrating short stories about refugees who suffered psychologically from the effects of the asylum procedure

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

Waiting is about having faith that morning will come it's an act of passive evasion but an active process taken by those who have not given up hope. Have been sentenced to see life through back yard to watch life without participating in it. A refugee may not feel loved or protected and succumb to total helplessness. Illustration of short stories talking about refugees from conflict zones who spent many years from 2015 waiting in refugee camps in Finland and who does not obtain official papers and residence permits for many years. The short stories talk about human beings without history and their reality did not require attention, historically or culturally. They face the hatred of multiculturalism and that they are foreign intruders who disturb the way of life of the population and do not share and respect the civilization of the host country. If the refugee is not able to adapt to the new environment and may suffer from many mental illness such as phobia, anxiety, panic, traumatic disorder that may lead to more cases of self-isolation and escape strategies and does not interact with the new environment. Integration requires tremendous psychological effort and becomes able to touch the inner strengths and the ability to communicate. And how is the refugee aware that the street and places are no longer strange for them, and people will stop watching them as a stranger. And overcome the feeling of not belonging to the place. The texts in the short story will be translated into Finnish to reach the messages to the Finnish community to know the nature of the psychological suffering of those refugees.