Visual artist Kato Shoji

77300 €

Hamuro, a new micro-residency in rural Japan

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

Hamuro is the name of this project and of a house that will be used as the base for a social and cultural experimentation – co-evolving with artistic ideas and personal changes. It takes an operation of a micro-Artists-in-Residence (mAiR) in Japan that facilitates unique (mental/physical) journeys, local interactions and tranquil times of a number of invited artists and researchers. By providing this foreign but common place, this project observes if the personal discoveries of the residents and other people who would be involved in this project gradually co-create a meta-forum and a body of peers which can continuously encourage dialogues and adaptations. Can we give a new life to Hamuro and can we make it to be an inspiring place for both personal but collective innovations? Can the project co-explore new knowledge and sensitivity unique to Japanese culture that influence on how we re-acknowledge subtle but vital life elements running through not only among humans but also with non-humans relationships? Can the project speculate and dream how those subtle changes can resonate and stimulate in both cultural and social realms of Japan and Finland?