Perpetuum Mobile ry: Artists at Risk

8000 €

Greening the Artists at Risk (AR)-Secretariat: Ecological travel in the European Network-Institution of Safe Havens (AR-ENSH)

Artists at Risk (AR) is a network-institution at the intersection of human rights and the arts developed by Perpetuum Mobile (PM). AR received funds to run the “AR-Secretariat” and coordinate the AR-Network from the Kone Foundation in 2017. The AR-Secretariat successfully applied to EU Creative Europe to fund the “Artists at Risk-European Network of Safe Havens” (AR-ENSH, 2019-22). This network developed by the AR Secretariat includes AR-Helsinki; ZKM-Karlsruhe; CCCB Barcelona; ArtVeda, Tunis; and Stalker, Rome – from ground-level associations to state-level institutions. We are applying for "Greening the Artists at Risk (AR)-Secretariat" to cover the supplementary costs required for the ecological travel of AR Secretariat staff to AR-ENSH network meetings and events, and AR artists to AR-ENSH Safe Havens. The AR-ENSH funding from EU Creative Europe only covers flight costs. We are therefore seeking this supplementary funding to achieve more ecological travel by train wherever possible. This ecological travel will be realized through Interrail tickets with seat reservations. Additional funding is requested for an annual visa in Russia in order to bypass (CO2 emission heavy) ferry trips to Sweden. This grant decision is conditional.