Ceramic artist Miroshnychenko Oleksandr

82800 €

Forest as a Gallery

The project envisions the creation of ceramic sculptures to be positioned within the forested expanse. These sculptures will emerge as the outcome of imaginative exploration and a study of nature. They placed individually or in clusters, seamlessly harmonizing with the natural surrounding landscape. In the process of crafting the ceramic pieces, I utilize stones, clay, soil, wood, and ash. In this manner, the forest will serve as a resource for ceramics. The precise coordinates of these sculptures' placements will be made accessible through social media platforms, enabling anyone within the vicinity to locate these installations. Consequently, the forest will transform into an exhibition space, where human activity converges with the essence of nature. Detailed reports of the project and images chronicling the creation process will be shared across social media, engaging the audience and sparking intrigue among individuals. Creation of documentary film and web site.