Curator Ohtonen Orlan and working group (Feminist Culture House)

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Feminist Culture House

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

Feminist Culture House (FCH) is run by a transnational group of art workers based in Helsinki. It functions as a nest for those who are practicing in the Finnish art field, but due to – for example, structural racism and cis-sexism – have to work harder to be recognised. Between 2018–2019 FCH has been researching and developing the operational model and organisational structure for a thoroughly feminist arts organisation. In 2020–2021 FCH will organise its program into four streams: curatorial research and artistic practice; shared learning; income generating; and organising. These will comprise artist-led peer groups, a nesting program for artists, a youth board, shared learning aimed at individuals (e.g. workshops, studio visits, learning negotiation skills) and educating institutions (e.g. safer space policies, inclusive language), as well as a curatorial program of exhibitions, events, discussions, publications and interventions that reflect the above, produced in collaboration with the house’s networks. FCH will also document, collect, archive, exhibit and publish the work of its network members, and form symbiotic alliances with other actors in the fields of art, culture, activism and research. FCH is driven by a need to get organised with and for others who need support within the Finnish art field; by a need to build an organisation that encompasses and strives from activist, feminist politics; and that sustains these politics as it develops.