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Researcher, Architect, Artist Munoz Alcantara David and working group (Energetic Materialism Laboratory)

148000 €

Extractivism, Datification, and Trasformative Justice

Tieteellinen tutkimus ja taiteellinen työ / niihin pohjautuva työ | Yksivuotinen

“Extractivism, Datification, and Trasformative Justice” intersects art, ethics, philosophy, and science in order to research and document the ecological impact and actual resistance to contemporary modes of extractivism and datafication. The project seeks to map transformation of the nature of extraction and the extraction of nature. It addressed the need for trans-disciplinary and militant approaches to research, with focus on extractivism and datafication, to bring forward struggles for nourishing relations to life, power, and matter in non-dominant and non-exploitative forms. The research focuses on the intersections between two extrastatecraft (Keller Sterling) infrastructural global plans: NordStream 2 (Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany) and IIRSA- Regional Integration of South American Infrastructure. The research’s theoretical framework draws on Energetic Materialism. Term emerging from Ernst Bloch’s reading of Ibn Sina’s (Avicenna) view on actuality and potentiality. Complemented via a bridge with Zapatistas’ and Michel Serres’ qualitative transformation in studies of dynamic systems. Foregrounds for correlations in study of asymmetry and uneven development linked to the consortium of extractive stream flows in contemporary mechanisms of exploitation. Accounting for physical and psychological extraction of material and immaterial resources at micro (quantum) and macro (aeon) scales. It articulates aesthetic praxis, militant, action and indigenous research methods. The outcomes’ are video and radio essays, and publications. This expanded through contributions at Mediateca Onshore –Guinea Bissau, in dialogue with Elsewhere transnational feminist collective. Further, it contributes to transformative justice. Approaching knowledge that grows from indigenous organization in popular struggles (EZLN, PAIGC, CNI, TKRM, AIOC, ESLN, MST, etc.) with numerous exercises and strategies for delinking (Samir Amin) as actual paths for sustainable futures.