Artist Karlsen Camilla Therese and working group (Listening to the land)

12500 €

Electric Lies

“Listening to the Land” is a project initiated by the house Oyoun in Berlin. Sámi multitalented artist Camilla Therese Karlsen is one of the curators chosen to put together works of art reflecting on the meaningful connection between indigenous people, traditional culture and healthy living nature. Camilla has called the project “Electric Lies” and it will focus on the problematic rhetoric around “green shift” in energy production, the many lies served to the public to verify political choices, and how indigenous culture end up drawing the short straw and in some cases being held accountable for slowing down development. This idea springs out of the resent conflict around the industrial windmillpark at Fosen. A group of indigenous artist (Sámi, Inuit, First Nation) will together, develop transartistic expressions reflecting on the theme “Electric lies” with different perspectives. They will work with each other and other local artists during the research for and production of this visual poetic performative exhibition.. Through the utilisation of joik, visual elements, poetry and movement, 'Electric Lies' seeks to uncover and illuminate the concealed truths that are often disregarded or dismissed in the public dialogue. The purpose of this artistic endeavour is to bring attention to the complex and urgent environmental and social issues that our society is facing. By challenging the conventional beliefs and assumptions underlying the "green shift" in energy production, we aim to present fresh perspectives to these challenges. We believe that the installation will offer a platform for meaningful dialogue and encourage viewers to question their own relationship with nature and the environment.