Multidisciplinary Sonic-based-Artist/Researcher Castrillón Arcila Sergio Andrés

8400 €

Domestic pieces: De-constructing and reflecting on my artistic identity in times of crisis

| Yksivuotinen

Over the last years I have been expanding my role as musician to a Multidisciplinary Sonic-based Artist/Researcher. However, to perform this profession properly I am bound not only to collaborate with other artists but also to carry out all the tasks myself. Also, the development and presentation of my work has happened mainly in large scale venues, big studios, theaters, galleries, museums and concert halls, using high-quality equipment and electronic devices. Namely, to pursue my career loads of networking, social interaction and physical contact has been required. Due to current conditions and the cancellation of all my projects until the end of the summer, I decided to go back to the core of my artistic identity: cello performing composing and home-studio recording. Thus I am going back to my domestic multidisciplinarity. Here at home I have no special gear but my instruments and simple-good-quality devices that are worth to use, and that can give a more organic sound to my work. Also this crisis has brought the necessity of reflecting on: 1) my role as a foreign artist in Finland, 2) how my work and career have impacted the art scene?, and 3) how to make my voice and claims sound louder. Therefore during this residency I will aim to respond to those reflections and to accentuate my multidisciplinary identity through the following pieces: 1. "Hissi Noise ja Freedom!" (From 6.4 to 15.5) 6 micro-pieces for prepared cello and traditional acoustic cello (circa 20 min). 2. "De las víctimas de las Malformaciones Vasculares y su universo [IN] SONORO" (From 16.5-29.6) Electronic piece (circa 20 min). 3. "Ei myönnetty" (30.6) Sonic Meditation (circa 10 min). At the end of each period, the pieces will be recorded and released by the Helsinki-based online label Art First Records. In addition, on 30.6 at 12:00 in my living room a single show will be offered to one single person: my dear sister, who is my flatmate. Hence, my best companion during this crisis.