Doctoral researcher Tayyab Muhammad

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Devotion and Dissent: Muslim Religiosity, Attitudes, and the lived experiences of Deconverts

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My research investigates a bold topic that draws upon a plurality of voices. It delves into integration outcomes and attitudes among Finnish Muslim immigrants, and the lived experiences of ex-Muslims in Finland and wider Europe. I will achieve this research objective through three peer-reviewed journal publications. In Study 1, I will explore the interplay of literal vs. symbolic religiosity, liberal vs. conservative morality, group salience (importance of group membership), & social integration outcomes of language proficiency, social networks, & civic engagement among Muslim immigrants in Finland. I will employ Latent Class Analysis to identify Latent Profiles among Muslims based on the combination of the aforementioned variables and, using multiple regression analysis, will work to see which best delivers integration success. In Study 2, I will build upon the data collected for Study 1 and examine among Muslims of Finland the relationship between Literal Religiosity & attitudes towards specified Personal Freedoms, like blasphemy, apostasy, and homosexuality, and out-groups who partake in these freedoms. I will examine the relationships using multiple regression analysis. I will also test whether literal Islamic religiosity predicts decreased endorsement of personal freedoms and negative attitudes towards the given out-groups and whether this relationship is moderated by liberal morality. In Study 3, I will expand on the attitudes towards apostasy from Study 2 and attempt to comprehensively understand the lived experiences of closeted ex-Muslims after deconversion. I will interview the participants and thematically analyse transcripts. I will explore the impact of leaving Islam on potential feelings of isolation, identity concerns, social pressures, and more. The research promises to provide new knowledge about Muslims and ex-Muslim and inform policy for better social outcomes.