Master of Fine Arts Estarriola Anna

24000 €

Development, test, construction and implementation of media installation works

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Yksivuotinen

With the grant I will develop, test, construct and implement complex media installation projects and create a sensitive, bold and solid body of work, to support the progression of my practice. In all the confirmed exhibition projects I will present installations that incorporate visual and performative elements to cinematic and media arts, in order to create metaphoric approaches on human wonders and conditions. The thematic scopes of the projects will reflect on the ways we perceive and categorize reality, behave and communicate, as well as speculate about the side effects of the present, the unknown and the maybe true. The grant will enable me to explore and extend the capabilities of the latest media technologies, as well as research and experiment with sculpting materials and manufacturing techniques. I aim to collaborate with national and international experts and foster a vivid working process that engages multiple fields of knowledge. I will look into the ontology of the selected mediums to use, and develop narrative content for and through it. I will blend carefully crafted objects and staged environments with stable media structures and platforms, to present a thoughtful and sensorial experience for the viewer.