PHD candidate (Art History and Theory - UniKassel) Vicini Lorena

4800 €

Decolonising Kone Foundation

This project pursues the idea about what “decolonizing art institutions” can mean and to investigate institutional approaches, procedures and ways of acting that can point to another possibility of institutional modus operandi. Throughout the residence period, the research will approach the modus operandi of the institution to seek to understand the values that guide the strategies, and to what extent they are reflected in the practice, in the day to day and in the bodies. In addition to thinking of specific facts as genders equally represented in the institution or if they are equally in charge, or the representation of other nationalities, for example, the research proposes to think of other ways of relating within the institution. At the end of the period of residence, the project proposal is to deliver a printed version of a publication on the analysis to all employees and artists involved in the process. Thinking that the institution itself, as apparatus, already translates eurocentric epistemologies, the project seeks to offer new perspectives on cultural management that “southly” epistemologies can bring, for example, concepts as "flexibility" and "permeability" into the practice of cultural management and provokes how we can make these alternative epistemologies bring new ways of acting and feeling.