Kirjoittaja, kuraattori Österblom Joanna

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Curated Life

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“One writes out of the need to communicate and to commune with others, to denounce that which gives pain and to share that which gives happiness. One writes against one’s solitude and against the solitude of others. One assumes that literature transmits knowledge and affects the behavior and language of those who read, thus helping us to know ourselves better and save ourselves collectively.” - Eduardo Galeano The international project | Curated Life | takes off from the need to both communicate and commune with others. The writer/curator Joanna Österblom will live with invited artists to explore the themes of embodied life, communion, trauma, friendship, plasticity, crip experiences, and co-regulation. Their life together will be negotiated and different material adjustments will be made according to the needs of the specific artist in question. The discussions among the artists and the curator will result in a book consisting of dialogues on one embodied theoretical concept per artist. The experiences from the shared life together will be developed into an exhibition in the end of the project. Most of the artists chosen will have a reality of dealing with questions of sickness, crip activism, trauma or neurodiversity, either in their art practice or in their everyday life. Through this project, Österblom is exploring what can be done with theory, but in practice.