Performance creator and researcher Gutiérrez Castro Maria del Carmen

11991 €

COLLAGE SUDAKA – BODILY NARRATIVES IN TRANS-FORMATION. Imaginaries in tension from the exotic to the anti-colonial

I am a Peruvian performance maker, researcher and feminist activist. My work centres the body in symbolic actions that tackle urgent political issues. My creative research articulates a fluid conceptual and theoretical frame with practical collaborative explorations. At the Saari Residence I will collaborate with Jorge Baldeón, interdisciplinary Peruvian artist, on a “Temporal Sensitive Research Laboratory” (TSRL) framed by our personal approaches to colonial representations of bodies “from the South” present in Western visual cultural products. We come from a fragmented society that rapidly switches from economic booms to terrible crises, from democracy to coups. We are a consequence of all those diverse layers and our practices are a collage of different disciplines and languages that arise after contexts of “emergency”. This creative methodology is based in both, theoretical research and practical interdisciplinary explorations and exchanges, that lead us to the following creative states. This Residence will give us the opportunity to deepen into the laboratory (TSRL) methodology and take it to a more complex level. Jorge and I will be living and working together during two uninterrupted months, “isolated” in a geographical territory that is totally distant from ours. In this time-space, we will immerse completely in research, creation and experimentation by interrogating visual imaginaries that portray the cultures we feel part of. This interrogation process is critical but also sensitive. It combines personal perceptions with artistic tools from performance, visual arts and audiovisual and feminist anti/de-colonial community principles of Abya Yala. We will perform at least four creative experiments and generate material for a mixed media archive/collage. This doesn’t intend to be a final product. However, possible future outcomes of this process are interdisciplinary performances and audiovisual products, as well as written and oral practice-based reflections