MMus Dornik Manca and working group

5270 €

Collaborative performance practice of interaction between acoustic and electronic music – two new works focusing “freedom” by German Medina Calle and Nicolas Roulive for accordion and live electronics

Two composers and one accordionist working together as a collective will derive into the ideal creative process, resulting in two new works for accordion and live electronics. A polarised result of acoustic and electronic approaches, that will be manifested by the proficiency and expertise of an accordionist specialised in contemporary music. Our project will focus on the writing of two new works by German Medina Calle and Nicolas Roulive with accordionist Manca Dornik, merging live electronics with the accordion. A collective process which resulted in finished pieces of music as well as tools for future composers who will deal with composing for accordion and electronics. Working and playing with electronics (either live or fixed) and acoustic instruments bring different levels of interactions - starting from composing the piece, active collaboration between artist and composers, how does this affect the process of creation, performer’s expressionism of playing with electronics etc. Both pieces will feature “freedom” as a main focus, which brings out the question how to achieve freedom within playing with electronics - emphasizing the levels of interactions when performing electroacoustic music, affecting perceptions of performers and audience.