Kuvataiteilija Juvani Illusia

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Best wishes – the story of queer emancipation

Tieteellinen tutkimus / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

"I don’t care about what you do with your life today because I don’t get it. To me it all looks problematic as fuck. I don’t understand why anyone would want that. Just to go on with your lives as a part of the problem. I don’t want a yard with a perfectly cut lawn. I want meadows. I don’t want a japanese-styled garden with a water feature. I want to see wild rivers. You follow the familiar patterns so religiously. Your world is small and your god is even smaller. To you love equals obsession and control. To you, every love is a prison. Your uneducated and self-destructive choices are my hell, literally. I am tired of being seen only in relation to you. I’m fed up with the notion that I should assimilate into a culture YOU have created. I don’t aspire to have the things you have. It is not for me. I don’t want that kind of life. I have no desire to be a part of that society. I don’t want equality in a broken system. I want an equal system. Partriarchy, heteronormativity, white supremacy, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, capitalism, xenophobia, discrimination, othering, institutional religion, general lack of respect and empathy, any form of oppression, your passiveness. Like it’s just OK not to take a stand. My right to equality is just an opinion to you. Your canon of normalised violence. I no longer have the patience to listen to opinions of people who don’t have a clue of what kind of life I am living and what’s my true worth. You’re all going down. You can shut your bigoted mouths. Shut the fuck up. Swallow all of it. I am not interested in hearing what you have to say. It’s over: you lost. I am not here to take any steps back. No. Fuck. That. Best wishes, Illusia Juvani"