Doctor Sivanesan Sumugan

8472 €

Barraca do Sound System — archiving and publication

Barraca do Sound System is a year-long urban/artistic research project funded by Kone Foundation (November 2019, Application 201903764) to investigate the overlap of migrant (media) activism and urban music culture and to further develop these forms. It combines practice-based ‘DJ-as-method’ media experimentation with urban research and academic scholarship. Outcomes will initially be presented as a blog, podcasts, DJ mixes, self-published zines and journal articles. The project will host a series of (web) radio and music production workshops in collaboration with Pixelache, a transdisciplinary platform for emerging art, design, research and activism based in Helsinki. Barraca do Sound System wil culminate in a live radio performance-intervention featuring a bicycle-powered sound system during Pixelache’s 20th anniversary festival in June 2021 (exact dates TBC). Following Pixelache Festival I will use the Saari residency to organise, collate and archive media and documentation produced during the project, to write and reflect on my findings and to finalise texts for publication.