Artist, Architect, Researcher Munoz Alcantara David

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Amauta Mixtapes. Avantgarde and Solidarity in Waves Under the same Moon, and Alt-Worlds to Become at the Chak Chel Garden

| Yksivuotinen

“What can an organic intellectual do today?” Scripting a para-fiction of a different today by weaving: expanded ecological approaches, complex dialectical intersections, and broad solidarity actions. Recovering cosmic and microbiological aboriginal eco-socialist transtopias. To reflect on todays’ urgencies, looking at them from parallel and radically changed worlds (i.e. 2120). The methodologies of work brings together audio-visuals, posters, process poetry, theatrical scripts, interviews, collages, sound, and translations. Interpreted as radio-play fragments distributed via Mixtapes. J.C.Mariátegui founded the magazine Amauta (quecha: organic intellectual) as genuine internationalist address. Amauta (1926-1930) was one the most influential avant-garde publications of the 20th Century. Weaving pan-continental networks to debate problems of ideology, critique of political economy, and ecology. Placing at its core aesthetics and Indigeneity as political forms and knowledge(s) at scientific level. Almost 100 years from its foundation, the issues and learning(s) opened by Amauta are more than urgent under current crisis. Propositions broadly overlooked by Western modernity. I wish to take this reference as a starting point, to continue a series of reflections asking in the contemporary global present, what is to be done and preserved? How to do this with focus on ecological dignity? I aim to transpose the figure of Amauta into the present society, starting with the historical definition given by Mariategui regarding the use of myth: as synonymous with the collective alternative to the established order. An invitation for inquiring, what can be imagined differently today? What are our emerging possible futures? Practically and theoretically, how to engage with the irrational and mediatized excess in order to signify the emotions of collective struggle? The format is also open for fellow residents’ and aliens’ contributions willing to nourish these discussions.