Teacher, Researcher and Practitioner of Design Redgrave Mcpherson Roby and working group (Almanac Press)

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Almanac — A trans-centered publishing and mutual aid initiative

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

Almanac is an activist publishing platform, mutual aid initiative and journal of queer and trans poetics initiated by Shia Conlon in Helsinki in 2021. To our knowledge, Almanac is the 1st fully trans-run and trans-contributed journal of poetry in the world. Almanac is radical in its attempt to change the rules and conditions of the poetry world and create a more pluralistic history of creative and political writing. We see ourselves as part of a long lineage of queers, without access to mainstream publishing routes, using self-publishing as a tool for the dissemination of knowledges. Helsinki is a scene of many publications, yet the obvious lack of transgender-run and transgender-focused publications is a major problem and failure of our democracy. Almanac is our attempt to address this problem, by giving a platform directly to those who need to be heard. In the next two years, the project will help support the work of at least 50 trans poets, artists, and writers. Supporting our contributors by paying fair fees and generating wide-reaching exposure which goes beyond mere representation and has a material, tangible effect on the community. The press is designed as a mutual aid initiative, meaning all proceeds from direct sales of the publications are redistributed as individual donations to trans people in urgent need. Further we will create a studio library and online platform to give open access to trans publications, media and other resources. Across the world, poetry journals are spaces for important, political work, yet we feel there is no space in Finland that is dedicated to poetry in this way. This is especially important in the context of local trans rights, where extremely transphobic laws are in place. To us, Almanac is an urgent platform where the trans community can share their experiences with these prevailing power structures, as well as a space where experiences of joy, leisure, pleasure, and liberation are of equal significance.