Master of Arts, documentary filmmaker Mhone Zimema

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All Mixed Up: What Makes a Finn a Finn? Audiovisual Narratives of Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Racial Identities

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"All Mixed Up: What Makes a Finn a Finn?" is a documentary project exploring Finnish identity, through the narratives of native Finns that have mixed-race heritage. This project consists of a documentary film and a series of short audio stories. Together, the series will probe the historical, cultural, and personal dimensions of labels such as ‘native Finn’, ‘non-native Finn’, 'ethnic Finns', 'non-ethnic Finns', 'true Finns', and 'new Finns'. Uncovering the authentic narratives of Finnish individuals whose heritage deviates from the conventional, their challenges and experiences navigating the nuances of identifying as a ‘Finn'... or not. Being of Malawian and African-American heritage, I have struggled with self identification most of my life. Married to a native Finn, I have now passed on this struggle to our young children who are inheritors of multiethnic, multiracial Finnish identities. Serving as both the catalyst and compass for this artistic endeavour, they represent a bridge between worlds - a living testament to the evolving tapestry of identities that make up modern Finland. "All Mixed Up", is a self-reflexive, personal journey of discovery, driven by a desire to understand the experiences and challenges my children may face as they begin to forge their own identities. I will achieve this through stories of other multiethnic and multiracial ‘native Finns’, providing a platform for Finnish voices that may have traditionally struggled to be seen and heard. Documenting the intricate interplay between familial, societal, and individual factors that shape the identities - such as skin complexion, beliefs and language. Naturally, navigating through themes of belonging, cultural heritage, racial prejudice, and generational shifts. The artistic vision, to cultivate a more inclusive and empathetic society that acknowledges every person's identity as a unique mix of diverse, interconnected elements, naturally transcending designation and categorisation.