Master In Global Music, harp performer, singer Castrillón Natalia and working group

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A transcultural journey for harp, voice, electronics and visuals – Traditional meets experimental

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A transcultural journey for harp, voice, electronics and visuals consists of the creation of a voice and harp concert and concept developed by the investigation on how the traditional (voice accompanied by a harmonic instrument) meets the experimental (electronics and visuals) and how this interdisciplinary collaboration between artists from Finland and Colombia brings an innovative sonic and visual experience as a result of their encounters. This concept and concert aim at promoting versatility, the creation of a third space for a new harp concert format and the coexistence between the known and the unknown: Colombian folk songs that will be presented in a format arranged for voice, lever harp, Colombian harp, electronics and visuals as well as my own compositions for lever harp and llanera harp. Also, this work will focus on the use of contrasting approaches on my harp playing including conventional ways of using the instrument as well as using extended techniques and preparations on my instrument in order to investigate and promote its versatility as an instrument and sound object. There will be 3 different concerts in Finland featuring guest musicians and a graffiti artist.