Artist Nii Nortey Percy

6935 €

A break from reality

The project reflects and criticizes the stark difference between the reality experienced by the working social class in Ghana and the idealized social construct that exists in the country. Through my artistic activity, I have conducted extensive research on this issue and have responded to it through my work. One of the main contributors to this divide is the hierarchical power structure of the Church, which shapes the idealized values of society and dictates identity. Stained glass windows depicting white saints, who are vastly different from the common worker, only serve to widen this gap. The inspiration for this project came from a dream I had during a difficult mental state. In this dream, I experienced the feeling of complete freedom, which was a welcome break from the complex issues of identity and social constructs that I had been struggling with. Through this project, I aim to investigate the power of the mind and its effect on our perception of the physical world. The project takes the form of a narration of stories from the working social class in Ghana, that visually reference the stained glass windows by using textiles with prints / traces of the working class - as records of reality. During my stay at the residence, I plan to further develop the visual aspect of the project. Additionally, I would like to involve locals in Mynämäki to collaborate on creating material base for the project (traces on textiles). I see this as an opportunity to expand the conceptual scope of the project.