For grantees

Webinar: Insurance Coverage for Grantees

Is the Finnish pension insurance system for grantees unclear to you? Are you a new grantee who does not yet have a MYEL insurance? Do you foresee upcoming changes in your grant work that may affect your insurance status?

If you have been awarded a Kone Foundation grant in Finland for more than 4 months and you are eligible for Finnish social security, you have a legal obligation to apply for pension insurance from The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution MELA. The insurance provides you with broad coverage for your grant work.

Join our webinar on Wednesday, 8 February at 1 p.m. to learn the basics of how the insurance works and what to do in changing situations such as working abroad.

MELA specialist Petra Kaukonen will provide a presentation lasting approximately 45 minutes in English. After that we will have time for questions.

Event program

  • General information about the MYEL Insurance
  • How your insurance is determined
  • Changes to your grant work
  • Insurance when working abroad 
  • Insurance premiums
  • Applying for insurance 

The event will be recorded, and you can watch the recording later on our YouTube channel.

Sign up here by Monday, 6 February