For grantees and grant applicants

New ideas for project visibility arise from communications sparring

We offer our grantees the expertise of the Foundation’s communication unit, which means you and your project get valuable insight! We are happy to discuss any and all communications matters related to your project.

Depending on the topic, either communications specialists Lauri Alaviitala and Suvi Korhonen or communications director Heljä Franssila will help you. We have held sparring sessions for grant recipients for a couple of years as part of grant receptions; from now on we will organise sessions on their own schedule and with a longer duration.

Talking aloud about your project often helps clarify the best way for you and your work group to achieve greater visibility and impact. In our experience, outside expertise and perspectives are almost always useful to the grant recipient, and it is important and interesting for us to hear about the projects. The benefits are mutual!

We try to help on a large scale in all kinds of communication topics. Together we can consider the big picture, such as communications goals, target groups and channels, or how and when the project results should be announced. We can guide you in matters related to websites, blogging, newsletters, social media, visualisation and visual identity, marketing, publishing, planning and producing events, and media visibility, among other things.

We organise sparring sessions during the autumn on the following Thursdays: September 8, October 6, November 10, and December 8 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The length of one sparring session is 30 minutes. If the suggested times don’t match your schedule, you can contact us separately by dropping an email to Heljä ( so we can find a more suitable time.

Meetings can be arranged at our office in Lauttasaari or remotely. Warm welcome!

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