For grantees and grant applicants

Grant advice sessions  

We offer advice sessions to grant applicants for questions related to the planning of an entirely new project and to grantees for questions related to the progress of a funded project.

NB All advice sessions on 7 September are fully booked

Advice sessions can be used to discuss, for example, the following:   

  • Grant applicants: funding principles and evaluation priorities, questions related to the application form. Please review the Foundation’s application guidelines in advance. 
  • Grantees: changes to project plans, project management and implementation, challenges in the working group or project

We’ve reserved 20 minutes for each individual session. The conversations will take place on Zoom or by phone.   

Who we are and how we can help:  

  • Director of Funding Kalle Korhonen: research grants including artistic research and popularisation of research  
  • Programme Coordinator Silja Pasila and Grant Coordinator Maija Karasvaara: arts grants and general questions about grants   

Please make sure you book an appointment with the right person when filling in the form. The booking is valid once we have confirmed it by email. Please reserve only one appointment slot to allow as many people as possible to book a session.

If you are going to attend as an individual person, we recommend booking a phone meeting. Working groups can attend via Zoom. For Zoom appointments, we will send you a contact request. Please approve the request on Zoom before the appointment!

More information for grant applicants