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“This cooperation will live on in many ways” – Cooperation between the arts and academic research at Kone Foundation

Lateral thinkers, conspiracy theorists and citizens of the Reich in post-pandemic Europe

How often do you really look at what you see?

Tracing tensions in the history of oil: Oil research in spotlight during the 10th Tensions of Europe Conference

Why does deadwood last almost forever? Only now is this being studied properly.

At the borders of translation in a multilingual environment – from crosslinguistic communication to literary translation


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The Saari Residence is looking for a Residency Coordinator

The first artists of 2023 at the Saari Residence

Kone Foundation awards EUR 42.5 million for research and the arts – new projects open a view of potential futures


Peer mentoring programme 2023: Kick-off workshop

Wednesday 01.03. 13:00 – 16:00

Lauttasaari Manor

Grant advice sessions

Wednesday 08.03. 13:00 – 15:00

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