Webinar: Grantees’ pension insurance issues


Time: 4 March, 2 p.m.

Is the Finnish pension insurance system for grantees unclear to you? Will you have upcoming changes in you grant work that might affect your insurance status? If you have been awarded a Kone Foundation grant in Finland for more than 4 months and you are eligible for the Finnish social security system, you have a legal obligation to apply for pension insurance from Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela. The insurance provides you with broad cover for your grant work.

Join our webinar on Thursday, 4 March to learn the basics of how the insurance works, and what to do in changing situations such as working abroad. We will organise the info session on Zoom together with specialists from Mela.
Image: Ilona Partanen

Time: 4 March, 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Mela’s specialists will have a presentation of approximately 30 minutes. After that we will have time for questions.

  • Webinar opening by Kone Foundation
  • General information about the MYEL Insurance, Sari Benford
  • How the insurance is worked out, Minna Isoksela-Valkola
  • Changes in grant work, Minna Isoksela-Valkola
  • Insurance when working abroad, Sari Benford
  • Application process and the insurance premiums, Sari Benford

Place: Zoom meeting (link will be sent to participants)

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