Peer mentoring wrap-up session


In spring 2021, Kone Foundation's peer mentoring groups have selected the topics they wished to work with in a jointly agreed schedule. The mentoring programme will end with a wrap-up session, in which experiences and learnings of the groups will be discussed.
Kuva: Joel Haapamäki

Time: Wednesday, 22 September from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Place: Zoom meeting

In the session, we will discuss the peer mentoring experiences together and analyse what was learned during the process. The following questions will be considered: what worked particularly well and how could it be supported further? What kind of challenges did the groups face, and how those could be tackled? In addition, we will create practical tips for peer mentoring groups to follow.

You can prepare for the session by preparing to tell about your group’s work. We hope that at least one person from each group can join the meeting!

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13:00–13:30    Getting to know each other
13.30–15:30     Experiences, learnings, and practical tips for the groups to follow
15.30–16:00     Wrap-up discussion


Our events are discrimination-free zones where racism, sexism, discrimination based on disability or health (ableism), transphobia and homophobia in their broadest senses will not be tolerated.

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